Hand & Upper Extremity​ Rehab

Cleveland, GA​

Given the amount of instruction and practical experience, the PAM CEU course is the best value around.  The courses can be taken together or divided into segments.
The skills you gain from the course can be put to use immediately in treatment or training. 

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Physical Agent Modalities...

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Because you learn by doing, you gain valuable experience right from the start. Even seasoned therapists find new techniques. 

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A certification course for the State of Georgia

This course is designed for the OTR, COTA and OTS in the State of Georgia. It is a multiple-segment course that can be taken in part or in its entirety. It utilizes didactic lecture and demonstration, literature synthesis and analysis, and laboratory experiences to fully engage the participant in the appropriate application of and rationale for the use of Physical Agent Modalities within the context of Occupational Therapy. This course, taken in its entirety, meets all the standards required by the Georgia State licensure board for didactic and experiential learning for OTRs to become certified to utilize Physical Agents during Occupational Therapy treatment.

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